advantages of a human-focused approach to tech support:

is your computer working for you, or vice versa?

Silicon Valley engineers sometimes forget how regular people think. With feet in both communications and tech worlds, we bridge the gap so your devices work as they should — for you. Get Started →

strategic business solutions

Tech doesn't have to be an operating expense — it can be an investment that pays dividends. Our business consulting and web development services are tools for growth. Find out more →

harmony + balance with technology

We help you make the right choices, whether it’s working more effectively, staying organized, or limiting digital clutter that saps your focus and attention. Learn more →

we teach principles

Tech can be complex. Trying to hide complexity leads to greater confusion. PeopleFirst believes in encapsulating the geeky stuff within simple, intuitive principles. Avoid the headache →

an advocate for online privacy + security

Your concerns are more valid than ever. PeopleFirst believes in a proactive, informed defense, helping educate our clients to make effective choices to safeguard personal information. Start here →

know your options

Do you really need a new computer? PeopleFirst means helping keep money in your wallet. Thanks to solid state drives (SSDs), your older computer may be able to outperform a newer one at a fraction of the cost. Get an estimate →

from “teach me how…” to “just fix it”

Solutions on your terms. Whether it’s a training session, executing a plan, or something in between, we work with your desired approach.

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