tech consulting that puts people first

for home + family

is your computer working for you, or vice versa?

Silicon Valley engineers sometimes forget how regular people think. With feet in both communications and tech worlds, we bridge the gap so your devices work as they should — for you.
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harmony + balance with technology

We help you make the right choices, whether it’s working more effectively, staying organized, or limiting digital clutter that saps your focus and attention.
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an advocate for online privacy + security

PeopleFirst believes in a proactive defense, helping educate our clients to make effective choices to safeguard personal information. When it's done right, good security doesn't have to be an inconvenience.
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our philosophy

PeopleFirst was founded on the notion that despite today's advanced technology, most people still experience too many "pain points" in the day to day use of our devices. From security concerns to slow computers, we handle a wide variety of issues using a human-based approach that leaves our clients happy.

We communicate in plain English and work efficiently to respect your time. We're that bridge between unintuitive technology and humans trying to get work done. We offer long term fixes instead of band-aids.

The security of your organization is one of our prime areas of focus. The fact that over 90% of cyber attacks start with a phishing email tells that social engineering vulnerabilities are poorly addressed. We teach people-oriented security principles in addition to appropriate hardware and software defenses.

While specializing in Macs, we offer a broad range of PC services as well. We provide tune-ups, SSD speed upgrades to add years to an older machine's life, photo support, data recovery, wireless / networking, cloud / hosting solutions, backup systems, house calls, and more. Our web design portfolio is here.

PeopleFirst is about helping our clients make the right choices to achieve their goals.

for business

effective data security is more critical than ever

Today's threats include phishing, ransomware, and sophisticated attack vectors such as router malware. We teach principles of online security to prevent social engineering threats, in addition to comprehensive hardware and software defenses.
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strategic business solutions

Tech doesn't have to be an operating expense — it can be an investment that pays dividends. Our business efficiency consulting and web development services are tools for growth.
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a meaningful security audit

While “you can’t be too careful” is generally good advice, not all cyber security threats are created equal. We employ a comprehensive approach that's balanced by experience and reality so our clients stay protected without breaking the bank. We help clients stay compliant with PCI, HIPAA, GDPR, and other standards.
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we teach principles

Tech can be complex. Trying to hide complexity leads to greater confusion. PeopleFirst believes in encapsulating the geeky stuff within simple, intuitive principles.
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know your options

Do you really need a new computer? PeopleFirst means helping keep money in your wallet. Thanks to solid state drives (SSDs), your older computer may be able to outperform a newer one at a fraction of the cost.
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the expert you want to know. I highly recommend his services.”
Joan, Amherst MA

is your computer slower today than when you bought it?

just say no to planned obsolescence — with an affordable SSD upgrade

Thanks to the plunging price of solid state drive (SSD) technology, new-ish and older Macs and PCs with standard hard disks can become much faster than they ever were. If you're slogging along, wondering if you need to buy a new computer already, let us give you a second opinion.

This complete solution is available for a fraction of the cost of a new computer. All upgrades include a free comprehensive tune-up (normally $75).

Many Mac owners have adversely been affected by Apple's unhelpful upgrade nagging. The same goes for some PC owners who've made the jump to Windows 10.  Eligible Mac models with rotational hard drives include iMacs (2005–present), MacBooks (2006–2010) and non-retina MacBook Pros (2006-2012). For PCs, contact us with your model number.

Working with Zach at PeopleFirst was a great experience! …professional, he listened to what I wanted, and was really flexible when working with me. He finished the work in a timely manner, and on top of that- he is super nice! I highly recommend PeopleFirst..”
Melody, Hatfield MA

…helped unravel the worst of our computer and tech issues, as well as helped my business grow by helping us be more efficient in a myriad of ways…I recommend them fully and completely!”
Haleya, Amherst MA

from “teach me how…” to “just fix it”

Solutions on your terms. Whether it’s a training session, executing a plan, or something in between, we work with your desired approach.

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