Our Story

In the early 2000's, the owner of PeopleFirst, Zach Fried, founded Brooklyn-based NYC Mac Support, meeting the demands of busy professionals in both home and corporate environments.

Upon relocating to New England in 2014, he founded Local Prosperity, incorporating a mission to help small businesses stay competitive, defend against online threats, and revitalize downtowns.

We rebranded in 2018 as PeopleFirst, renewing an effort to bring human-focused support to our clients. Today, we implement tech solutions that encourage efficiency, keep sensitive data protected, and enable our clients to reach their customers using strategic online tools.

Zach lives with his wife and son in Amherst, MA and enjoys photography and music when he's not juggling home renovation projects.

Zach, Is great to work with and honest. He will not try and sell you something you do not need and is a good listener. I found him to be practical and very knowledgeable on all things technical with regards to computers and systems. I highly recommend him.”
Greg in Amherst (via Alignable)

Thanks for all your good work in 2017.”
Theresa in Northampton, MA

Our Philosophy

PeopleFirst was founded on the notion that despite today's advanced technology, most people still experience too many "pain points" in the day to day use of our devices. From security concerns to slow load times, we handle a wide variety of issues using a human-based approach that leaves our clients happy.

We communicate in plain English and work efficiently to respect your time. We're that bridge between unintuitive technology and humans trying to get work done. We offer long term fixes instead of band-aids.

The security of your organization is one of our prime areas of focus. The fact that over 90% of cyber attacks start with a phishing email tells that social engineering vulnerabilities are poorly addressed. We teach people-oriented security principles in addition to appropriate hardware and software defenses.

While specializing in Macs, we offer a broad range of PC services as well. We provide tune-ups, SSD speed upgrades to add years to an older machine's life, photo support, data recovery, wireless / networking, cloud / hosting solutions, backup systems, house calls, and more. Our web design portfolio is here.

PeopleFirst is about helping our clients make the right choices to achieve their goals.

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