Tech Consulting e-Gifts

A technology consulting e-gift is the perfect way to help someone you care about with their tech issues. It's flexible and convenient. The recipient will receive a personalized note delivered via email, or by phone if you prefer.

It's a zero-waste gift, supports local, small business and and uses virtually no environmental resources. (If an upgrade extends the life of an older computer instead of buying a new one, it can actually save resources.)

You are encouraged to contact us to consult on the right amount to give for a particular situation you have in mind. That, along with your note (see form below) will your electronically delivered gift personal and most useful.

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What can an e-Gift pay for? Each tech consulting scenario is different. We suggest $90 for an in-office consultation that can cover tune-ups, anti-virus, security, and general questions. $240 will generally cover a two hour house call in the Amherst / Northampton general area. Feel free to contact us to discuss an appropriate amount for the gift you have in mind.
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