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an advocate for online privacy + security

We promote a proactive defense, helping educate our clients to make effective choices to safeguard personal information. When it's done right, good security doesn't have to be an inconvenience.

photo library organization

It’s common to have photos spread across multiple devices - unsynced, with duplicates, and vulnerable to loss if things aren't backed up. Learn best practices for organization, security, and sharing.

limit distractions and digital clutter

We help you regain harmony and balance with technology by the stuff that saps your focus and attention, while keeping you organized.

we teach principles

Tech can be complex. Trying to hide complexity leads to greater confusion. PeopleFirst believes in encapsulating the geeky stuff within simple, intuitive principles.

avoid overspending

Do you really need a new device? PeopleFirst means helping keep money in your wallet. Thanks to solid state drives (SSDs), your older computer may be able to outperform a newer one at a fraction of the cost.

technology realignment

Silicon Valley engineers sometimes forget how regular people think. With feet in both communications and tech worlds, we bridge the gap so your devices work as they should — for you.

great to work with and honest…will not try and sell you something you do not need and is a good listener."
Realtor in Amherst (Alignable review)

patience, insight and ability to fix things fast! Exactly what I need for my web and computer security needs.”
Movement/Bodywork Instructor, Hadley MA (Google review)

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