We've packaged a set of solutions to common tech issues into 2-hour interactive online courses. Each course is designed for 90 minutes, along with up to 30 minutes at the end of the discussion to answer any questions or provide follow-up consulting.

These bite-sized tutorials help build an understanding of core concepts and start accomplishing your goals during the session. Most people take courses one-on-one, but you can take them with your partner or dependent. For more than two people, contact us for team / organizational rates.

Unlike the myriad YouTube videos or paid courses that stream or download, you can stop and ask questions at any time. Instead of a one size fits all program, we start with foundational knowledge, then connect with your specific concerns. This real-world approach means learning by doing, so you can feel progress by the end of the session.

Appropriate for all skill levels, these courses cover both concepts and specifics. Each session is structured for Q+A and assistance via screen sharing along the way, ensuring the course is tailored to your setup and needs. If you need more time, you can always book a follow-up.

A team takes an online tech course

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Online Tech Courses we offer:

Online Privacy

Learn best practices to make safeguarding your privacy convenient. By default, online platforms might have more access to you and your info than you might be comfortable giving. We review the settings of the platforms you use such as web browsers, social networks, Google, your mobile carrier and even your smart TV to make adjustments and suggest alternatives. Go beyond clearing out cookies (we cover that too) and help keep medical and other private information separate from the rest of your online life.

Cost: $180.00

Preventing Elder Fraud

This course is designed to help caregivers or those who expect to be caregivers to be proactive in keeping loved ones safe from online threats. We'll cover both technical and traditional vulnerabilities and scams. Core concepts will make it easier for you to relate the basics to your loved ones so that they understand how to protect themselves as well. This mini-course also addresses ways to make seniors' computers and online accounts safer, including ways to alert care givers of unusual financial activity.

Cost: $180.00

Security and Your Small Business 

This course gives you an overview of what to look for when safeguarding your small business from common threats. Intended for the sole proprietor or partnership, we'll cover endpoint antivirus, ransomware protection, backups, cloud security, password policies, and other important features to help keep your business safe. We'll offer specific recommendations, useful strategies, and leave time for your Q + A.

Cost: $240.00

Digital Photo Management

If you need a plan to get your photos organized, backed up, and/or synced to the cloud, this course offers helpful tips tailored to your specific setup and devices. We'll cover common platforms such as iCloud and Google Photos, as well as the top merging and deduplication solutions. Bring your hard disks, thumb drives, and camera cards to this online course and start putting some order into your photos once and for all.

Cost: $200.00

How it works

Book one of our online tech courses today, and choose a preferred time(s) for your course / Q&A appointment. After you sign up, we will contact you to confirm scheduling along with a meeting link.

Preparation: Bring your questions! We prefer to teach using real-world examples on your computer, so we recommend taking the session on a computer you typically use, with the option to screen share. A hand-written notepad is also recommended.

Each course comes with a print-friendly reference sheet — a useful summary of core concepts.

Is there a course you'd like to see us offer? We're always interested in hearing your ideas.

Secure platforms

As some courses may cover sensitive information such as your online accounts, we support the secure platforms with high security standards. You can pick whichever you're most comfortable with.

  1. Splashtop Screen sharing (HIPAA compliant) with phone call audio
  2. Google Meet (meets several security standards)
  3. Microsoft Teams  (TLS and SRTP encryption)
  4. Zoom (using the end-to-end encryption option)

Have a question about Mini Courses? Send us a note:

Mini Course Registration

  • We'll do our best to find a time that works with your schedule. In the event we can't, we'll refund your purchase.
  • If you're not sure, we'll begin with a video call via Google Meet. We can always switch to a different platform during the session if needed.
  • Please review the Client Agreement before providing a retainer. A copy will be provided to you and the Service via email.
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