Secure Remote Support

We can eliminate the travel time associated with tech support to increase efficiency and save costs.

PeopleFirst prefers Splashtop for screen sharing; an industry-leading business collaboration services with independently verified security. It's easy to set up and uninstall, and to control when access to your screen is enabled. Read more about Splashtop security.

We've been using Splashtop for over five years, and their security is HIPAA-compliant. The installation typically takes about one minute and it's easy to turn off / on and to uninstall.

Google Meet and Chrome Remote Desktop meet security standards as well, but are not quite as fast for screen sharing. If you would prefer to screen share using this method, you can download the extension here.

Screen Sharing Safety + Guidance

Allowing access to your computer via screen sharing (remote control) is convenient, but a potential security threat. Avoid any business where you cannot independently verify their brick-and-mortar location easily.

Bad actors proliferate the web with bogus services and software, including those with big name brands. Typically, they seek to "fix" problems of their own making once installed, or primarily sell "tune-up" or "cleaner" software as a cure-all.

You should avoid any service that uses scare tactics to resolve an issue, and only elect tech support that you consciously initiated.

All reputable screen sharing software is easy to uninstall and clearly indicates when screen sharing is active and/or enabled.

We all prefer face-to-face meetings, but a combo of Skype/Facetime/voice calling, along with screen sharing, we can work with you from any location. Contact us today to request an initial consultation.

"…helped me fix a problem with my MacBook via a phone call and remote "screen sharing." Much more effective, speedy, and convenient than taking your computer into Apple…"
John in Brooklyn, NY