Remote Tech Support Using Screen Sharing

We can eliminate the travel time associated with tech support, and thereby offer reduced rates.

PeopleFirst uses Zoom for screen sharing, an industry-leading business collaboration service with excellent security. It's easy to set up, uninstall, and to control access to your screen.

Once we're connected by phone, we will email you a meeting link to get started.

Screen Sharing Safety

Allowing access to your screen is a potential security threat. There are many unsavory actors who sell bogus services and software to "clean up" problems of their own making (malware), or that were never really there.

It's best to independently verify a screen sharing service before using them. You should generally only elect tech support that you consciously initiated, and avoid any service that initiated the contact with you.

Many of our clients have met us in person before screen sharing, hence its value in providing ongoing support. Contact us today for to request a free initial consultation.

"…helped me fix a problem with my MacBook via a phone call and remote "screen sharing." Much more effective, speedy, and convenient than taking your computer into Apple…"
John in Brooklyn, NY

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