Tech Services

SSD (Solid State Drive) Upgrades

Our most popular upgrade, an SSD is a game changer for older Macs and PCs, buying you years of additional usage. Just watch one of the many demos on YouTube. It's likely to run faster than ever before, and with professional installation, you can be assured that the upgrade will realize its potential, and all your programs, files, and settings will be transferred in place. All our SSD upgrades come with a free tune-up (a $75 value).


We're in the solutions business. Our 15+ years of professional experience means that most likely, we've seen your issue(s) before and we know the most cost-effective, direct path to a resolution.

Antivirus Installation + Virus Removal

Proper protection has never been more important. From annoying to atrocious, we eliminate the bad actors in your system, and install the right anti-malware software to keep it that way.

Wireless + Networking

From continuous wireless coverage throughout your home — to a business's critical infrastructure, we offer setup and support to stay connected securely and speedily.

Systems Design

With so many emerging, competing hardware, software, and digital services out there, it can be daunting to choose the most appropriate option. Many people simply go with a brand they've heard of before, without realizing that there may be better options (with smaller marketing budgets) out there. We'll listen to your precise needs, do the legwork for an accurate estimate, and put it all together to get you set up right.


Our bespoke multipoint Speed & Stability Tune-up is a comprehensive regimen that keeps your PC or Mac in tip-top shape — affordably. Machines that have slowed down can benefit from this refresh regimen that covers a wide variety of common systemic ailments.

House Calls

No need to lug your system across town. We specialize in a variety of physical repairs, setup and configuration of wireless networks, computers, storage, printing, digital entertainment systems, backups, and much more.

Photography Support

Is your digital photo collection in need of some organization? Make sure precious memories are securely backed up. We offer support for Apple's Photos, among others, and provide expert Adobe Lightroom training for professional photographers. We teach workflows, best practices, and advise our clients on purchasing and using the right equipment essential to their craft.


If you're running out of space, we can help. We'll help you assess your best options, and help determine which cloud storage options — if any — are right for your needs.

Hard Disk Replacements

Hard drives fail at an average rate of about 3% a year. That's another way of saying that after 5 years, 15% of the drives of that age will be toast. Since a slow computer is a hallmark of a failing hard drive, we encourage you to take proactive measures to ensure you have a full backup if things are acting weird. We can scan your drive(s) for physical defects to determine if that's the culprit.

Hard Disk Upgrades

One of the most cost-effective ways to add extra years to your computer is to expand its storage capacity. We'll assess your storage needs, install a roomier (and often faster) drive, and include a tune-up (a $59 value) at no extra charge.


It’s not a matter of if, but when. Disasters like the loss of family photos happen more often than you think. Book a time with us to ensure you’re covered in the event of failure, loss, or theft. What would it cost you — tangibly and psychologically — to lose family photos, videos of your kids, writings and other personal data, your music collection, work files, and so on?

Data Recovery

If disaster has struck, data from a failing hard drive may be recoverable using non-invasive methods if prompt action is taken. In more serious cases, we've partnered with DriveSavers Data Recovery and have sent them many clients with happy results. No other facility comes close in terms of success rate and overall customer satisfaction.

Web + Online Services

Online Security

In this age of ever more sophisticated cyberattacks, good defense may sound complex, but making things easy is part of our job. We'll help you brush up on your know-how to stay protected. For starters, you can test your cyber security defenses with our self-assessment quiz. From simple pointers to a comprehensive Privacy & Security Self-Defense Workshop, we've got you covered.

WordPress Web Design

There's a reason WordPress powers over 30% of all websites. It gives organizations broad flexibility to realize the site they want — powerful, yet intuitive enough to make edits on their own — that will move their mission forward. If it's time for you to upgrade, we're ready to make it happen. See our portfolio…

WordPress Assistance

Gain control and command of this powerful suite of tools. From simple tweaks to adding powerful functionality, we can help your site realize its full potential to help your organization achieve its goals. If your site needs an aesthetic upgrade, we can make it shine.

Hosting + Management

You don't have to spend a bundle for a fast loading site and top-notch security. We provide sensible, managed WordPress web hosting for clients. Alternatively, we can help you manage your existing hosting or help you move. If emails aren't ending up in the right places, or your site isn't loading quickly (test it here), we can put out the fire.

Cloud Services Support

Let’s end the feeling that you aren't taking advantage of today's technology. Whether it's generating more sales or simply saving you time, services that find their base online have transformed the way business gets done.

Backup + Storage Solutions

What would happen if there was a fire, theft, or ransomware attack tomorrow? Would you file an insurance claim, restore your files and move on, or would business grind to a halt? Was a backup system set up, but it hasn't been checked in awhile? Sleep easy tomorrow by investing in a bit of digital insurance today.

"file sharing is now effortless and our systems are updated on a regular basis keeping things running smoothly and up to date. Zach manages all of our files on the cloud and is able to assist us remotely in case of an emergency in no time at all. he has always been quick to respond, completely reliable and extremely professional. he has taken the time necessary to explain a situation if necessary in layman terms if we didn't understand why something needed to be done and has always been a pleasure to work with."
Arul in New York City

Photo: Daniel Chen / Unsplash

Photo: Daniel Chen / Unsplash

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