Tech, Web, and Online / Cloud-based Services

We provide a range of services including security, on-site and remote support, systems design, networking, tune-ups, repairs and upgrades.

House Calls

No need to lug your system across town. We specialize in a variety of physical repairs, setup and configuration of wireless networks, laptops and desktops, storage, printing, audio/video setups, backups, and much more. Service area includes Western MA in the Amherst / Northampton general area. Contact us for rates / hourly minimums based on your location.

Secure Remote Support

Why pay for travel time? We assist many clients remotely and cost-effectively via secure screen sharing and teleconferencing. Save time and money by fixing the vast majority of technical issues by secure remote support. Find out more…

SSD (Solid State Drive) Upgrades

SSD performance upgradesLife’s too short for a slow computer. Our most popular upgrade, an SSD is a game changer for older Macs and PCs, adding years of useful life. You can save upwards of $1000 instead of buying a new Mac/PC — while enjoying comparable performance. But don't take our word for it — check out one of the head to head comparisons for Mac or PCs.

Simply put, your computer will run faster than it ever did (even when it was brand new).

This option has been available for awhile, but prohibitively expensive until the last few years. Many PCs still ship with standard hard disk drives (HDDs) which are frustratingly slow, especially with recent Windows updates. Until recently, many lower end iMacs were sold with HDDs as well. With professional installation, you can be assured the upgrade will realize its potential, and all your programs, files, and settings will be transferred in place, unlike this situation. All our SSD upgrades come with a free comprehensive tune-up (a $75 value).

Data Recovery

If disaster has struck, data from a failing hard drive may be recoverable using non-invasive methods if prompt action is taken. In more serious cases, we've partnered (and provide a discount) with DriveSavers Data Recovery. Over the years, we've sent them many clients with happy results. No other facility comes close in terms of success rate and overall customer satisfaction.

Online Security

Websites and other digital infrastructure are vulnerable to a range of threats. We provide businesses with a comprehensive audit and roadmap a security and backup plan that works with minimal fuss.

For individuals, we'll help you brush up on your know-how to stay protected. Test your cyber security defenses with our self-assessment quiz. From simple pointers to a full-scale Privacy & Security Self-Defense Workshop, we've got you covered.


It’s not a matter of if, but when. Disasters like the loss of family photos happen more often than you think, even with cloud-based services (iCloud and Google Drive are not considered backups). Book a time with us to ensure you’re covered in the event of failure, loss, or theft. What would it cost you — tangibly and psychologically — to lose family photos, videos of your kids, writings and other personal data, your music collection, work files, and so on?

Data Security

What would happen if there was a fire, theft, or ransomware attack tomorrow? Would you file an insurance claim, restore your files and move on, or would business grind to a halt? Was a backup system set up, but it hasn't been checked in awhile? Sleep easy tomorrow by investing in a bit of digital insurance today.

…helped unravel the worst of our computer and tech issues, as well as helped my business grow by helping us be more efficient in a myriad of ways…I recommend them fully and completely!”
Wellness Center Owner, Amherst MA (Google review)

Wireless + Networking

From next-gen mesh coverage to your organization’s critical infrastructure, we offer solutions and support to help you and your team stay connected securely without interruption.


Our bespoke multi-point Speed + Stability Tune-up is a comprehensive regimen that keeps your PC or Mac in tip-top shape. If your computer is sluggish, this refresh addresses a wide variety of factors which can affect speed.

Virus Removal & Protection

In this age of sophisticated cyberattacks, good security may sound complex, but making things easy is part of our job. We guide clients on the right antivirus endpoint solution, plus training to safeguard against social engineering and other threats.


We’re in the solutions business. Over 15 years of professional experience means we’ve most likely seen your issues before and we know the most cost-effective, direct path to a resolution.

"file sharing is now effortless and our systems are updated on a regular basis keeping things running smoothly and up to date. Zach manages all of our files on the cloud and is able to assist us remotely in case of an emergency in no time at all. he has always been quick to respond, completely reliable and extremely professional. he has taken the time necessary to explain a situation if necessary in layman terms if we didn't understand why something needed to be done and has always been a pleasure to work with."
Healthcare Provider, NYC

WordPress Web Design

There’s a reason WordPress powers over 30% of websites worldwide. It gives organizations broad flexibility to realize the site they want — powerful, yet intuitive enough to make edits on their own — that will move their mission forward. From aesthetic polish to adding functionality, security, and search engine visibility, we can help your website achieve your goals. More info…

Hosting + Domains

We provide sensible, managed WordPress web hosting, perform updates and backups, and resolve domain, registrar, and related issues. Alternatively, we can help you manage your existing hosting or help you move. If your site isn't loading quickly (test it here), we can reduce the impact it has on your visitors and your SEO. Read more…

WordPress Assistance

Gain control and command of this powerful suite of tools. From simple tweaks to adding powerful functionality, we can help your site realize its full potential to help your organization achieve its goals. If your site needs an aesthetic upgrade, we can make it shine.

Email Migration

Like it or not, email remains a central part of our lives. If your current email system is a drag on productivity, let’s fix it once and for all. Resolve issues such as inboxes not syncing between devices, being slow / unreliable, or if deliveries end up in spam. We specialize in migration to Google’s Google Workspace.

Photo Library Organization

For many people, photos are their most valuable data. We specialize in cleaning up, de-duplicating, organizing, syncing and securing photos from every source to Apple’s iCloud or Google Photos.

Professional Photography Support

We provide expert Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom training for professional photographers, including a range of hardware and equipment support. We teach workflows, best practices, photo library, data storage, and other skills essential to digital photography.

"PeopleFirst techs know both hardware and software. I don’t know anyone else who can solve problems that intersect these realms. The techs I’ve met are excellent listeners, respectful of people like me who know little about tech, and they make house calls! (My tech helper was right on time, and stayed 15 minutes extra until my problems were all straightened out.) Nobody better in my book.
Author, Amherst MA (Google review)

Cloud Services Support

We make it easy to work smarter, not harder. Whether it’s generating more sales or saving you time, online services have transformed the way things get done. We’ll help you harness the right tools.


If you're running out of space, we can help. One of the most common ways to extend your computer's life is to expand its storage capacity. It's also an opportunity to make your computer faster. Contact us to assess your storage needs for the most appropriate and cost effective solution, including whether a cloud storage option is appropriate for your needs.

Systems Design

With so many emerging and competing hardware, software, and digital services out there, it can be daunting to make the right choices. We’ll tailor to your precise needs, do the legwork for an accurate estimate, and put it all together to get you set up right.

Many people simply go with a brand they’ve used before or have simply heard about, without realizing that there may be alternative setups with much better values for their time, money, and goals.

Hard Drive Replacements

Hard drives fail at an average rate of about 2%–5% a year (less for desktops, more for laptops). That's another way of saying that after 5 years, 10%–25% of the drives of that age might be on the verge of toast, if not there already. Since a slow computer is a hallmark of a failing hard drive, we suggest urgency if you've noticed things slowing down or hanging up, ensure you have a complete, current backup and consider a proactive replacement. We can scan your drive(s) for physical defects to determine if that's the culprit.

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